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Sanctuary Disturbed


Episode 159
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 159-4/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

This level does appear to be quite daunting (two chainguns!), but in actuality is not as hard as it may seem-it makes quite a fun level to play.

At the start, pick a direction (left or right), then jump that direction and jump off the walls right above the mines and hit that trapdoor switch. If you are going after gold, fall down to the bottom area and hit the launchpad, getting the three pieces of gold, hitting the launchpad again to get the two pairs of gold above. Then jump back to the top of the slope, and try to land on one of the skinny flat regions. The chainguns will immediately aim at you; jump up and take hold of the wall, then either walljump off to the wall again for more gold, or just keep wallclimbing upwards.


If you do not want gold, wait half a second (for the gauss turret to take aim) and then jump across to the wall, hit the trapdoor switch. The chainguns should miss, and you should try to land on the top flat region on the outside of the slopes. From there jump straight upwards and climb over that peak.

From there, jump across and hit the second trapdoor switch, then fall down to the top part of the bottom slope again (getting gold on the way if you wish). You will now have to re-enter the chaingun area; move quickly when entering it but so fast as to re-direct the chainguns to your new position. Fall down to the bottom (dodging the zap drones) and hit the exit switch. Then jump onto the trapdoors you opened, guarding you from the gauss.


Now wait for the chainguns to slowly move to the other sides of the peak; once they clear the area hit the launchpad, which will carry you up to that oneway platform. From there jump to the door. Congratulations on completing the 150s column!

Method 2 (Highscore)

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