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Episode 11
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.2 and later
Fastest Time 121.200
Fastest Player Ben_Schultz_11
Demo 11-2/Demo


Method 1 (NEHS)

This level is a real test of your ability to avoid a gauss turret. Getting down is easy, just jump from platform to platform as you head down. Get the gold on the lower platforms, then activate the terminal.

To get back up, hop on to the third "golden platform", jump up to the platform to the left, then the up and to the left again. Then jump to the right, then execute a long jump to the left. Then jump up to the exit.

The best way to avoid the gauss turret is to always keep moving. It's harder for the targeting software to target a moving target than a stationary one. If it's just about to shoot, jump to the next platform before it does, or you'll be dead before you even hit the ground.


Method 2 (Highscore)

Level Data


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