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Episode 100
Creator blue_tetris
N version Nreality
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Demo 100-1/Demo

You start out by falling down so that you hit the bottom left launch pad. Once you hit it, run into the wall so that you can bounce of of it and land either on the side or the top of the thwump. Jump up so that you get to the section with the center gauss. This is considered to be one of the hardest parts of the level but its solution is actually rather easy. Once you get there, run through the first one-way, then make a small jump so that the next one-way slices your ninja in half (not literally). Then slice through the one on the ground. This may take some practice. Run down, jump and grab the gold to the right of the thwump and slide down but do not hit any launchpad. Walljump your way up to the blue panel, but, again, do not hit an launchpad. Now just go back the same way as the level is symmetrical.

100-1 solution

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