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Episode 04
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 144.175
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 04-4/Demo



Completion Route

Key: Red path is the generic path for completion, green path is an optional deviation to get more gold, and blue path is to avoid confusion with the red line at the bottom.

Basically, for completion, simply follow the red path. Jump up the left wall, stopping at the platform to your right, and up again past the bulb jutting out, using it to propel yourself further up. Nab the first switch during your fall, and take care not to hit a mine. From there, either land on the platform and run accross the gold field into the zap drone portion, or follow the green path and get some gold.

If you hit both curve jumps, you should have enough momentum to nab the second switch, and use the curve to launch yourself at the ceiling before dropping to get the last switch. During the fall, take care to hug the right wall (but not wallhang) so that you'll fall exactly between the mine and the "ball". Once you are at the bottom, it is plain sailing. Just take care to avoid the launchpads (they launch you into mines), get the doorswitch, and work your way left getting gold if you want and hitting the exit.

Level DataEdit


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