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blast doors


Episode 03
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 118.125
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 03-4/Demo



Completion Route

Method 3 (NEHS)

This is a good end to Episode 3. From the start, jump immediately. The laser drone will fire at you, that's why the screenshot has the laser about to fire. Get on top of the main platform, and get the gold and flip the switch. Jump over the gold and the mines, and flip the other switch. The pure gold has a trapdoor trigger hidden in it that triggers a trapdoor, blocking the exit. Thus you would have to kill yourself. However, because the trapdoor switch is a tiny bit smaller than the gold, it is possible "scrape" the gold on the switch to get all gold on this level. After you have flipped the second switch, jump over the mines again, and wallclimb up to the terminal. Activate the terminal, then drop down to the gold. Get all of it, and evade the rocket regularly. Drop down to the doors, then run right through them to the exit, and beat the episode.

Level Data

$blast doors#Metanet#03-4#00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001@0000000000000000000001P0000000000000000000101P0000000000000000000101P0000000000000000000101P0000000000000000000101P0000000000000000000101P0000000000000000000101P000000001@000000000101P000000001P000000000101P000000001P000000000101P000000001P000000000101P000000001P000000000101P000000001P000000000101P000000001P000000000101P000000001P000000000101P000000001P000000111101P000000001P000000111101P000000001P000000100001P000000001P000000100001P000000001P000000100001P000000001P000000B@00?1A000000001D000000>1111E00000000001@0000000000000000000000D00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000|5^732,564!9^564,444,0,0,22,8,1,0,0!9^372,444,0,0,15,8,1,-1,0!9^504,204,0,0,20,8,0,0,0!9^240,204,0,0,9,8,0,0,0!9^468,444,0,1,18,8,0,-1,0!0^360,444!0^384,444!0^456,444!0^468,444!0^480,444!0^552,444!0^576,444!0^468,204!0^396,204!0^492,156!0^468,156!0^444,156!0^420,156!0^396,156!0^372,156!0^348,156!0^324,156!0^300,156!0^276,156!0^252,156!0^228,156!0^204,156!1^60,276!1^132,324!1^180,372!1^228,420!11^612,204,516,84!10^36,36!12^408,444!12^420,444!12^516,444!12^528,444!6^36,564,3,0,1,0#

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