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rise over run


Episode 03
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 162.400
Fastest Player Macrohenry
Demo 03-2/Demo

The name of this level is a reference to the formula for a slope: rise (change in Y) over run (change in X).

An interesting bug can be seen in the scoreboards of 03-2 where Kool-aid's name appears twice, giving him both first and second place, although fortunately NHigh recognises only one.



Completion Route

Method 1 (NEHS)

This level does have 3 gauss turrets, but they are in disconnected areas, so you'll only be avoiding one at a time. Depending on how much gold you need to get, you may take different routes, but this route yields plenty of gold:

From the start, move to the right and jump onto the slope, avoiding the gauss turret on your way. Get up near the right wall, and jump onto the small fragment to the left and below the big, golden slope, then jump up onto the top, and leap to the slope. Being careful of the gauss turret, ascend the slope and get the gold. Activate the terminal, then jump onto the top slope and get all the gold there, then move to the slope to its left, and get the gold there. Let the gauss turret fire near the ground, and jump over it. Get the gold on its slope, and head down to the switch. Flip it, then get the single piece of gold on the platform, and slide down the slope below. Drop down, and run to the exit and exit the level.

Level Data

$rise over run#Metanet#03-2#90000000000000000061906000000000000000000710000011@000000000100015000000>D0000000002400000000000B@000000000240000000000>D0000000000240000000000B@000000000024000000000>1100001400002100000000000000061000000000000000000000010000000000010000000007100000000000100000100015000000000002400001LH000000000000000240000FJLH000000000000002400000FJLH000000100000021100000FJLH0000E0000000000000000FJ1000P0000000000000000001000P0000000000000000000000P000000100000000000000?A000000100000310014000N000000?E00003500002400N000000CA00035000000100C00000?E000150000000000E00000CA000000000000000P0000?E0000000000000000P0000CA000000000000000?A0000100000000GK100000N000001000000GKMI000000N0000000000GKMI00000000N00080000001I0000000000C807|5^36,540!11^708,564,756,180!9^300,300,0,0,15,23,1,-1,0!2^252,336,0,-1!2^444,432,0,-1!2^564,252,-0.707106781186547,-0.707106781186547!3^396,444!3^684,108!3^108,84!0^132,120!0^156,132!0^180,144!0^204,156!0^324,72!0^348,96!0^372,120!0^396,144!0^528,132!0^552,120!0^576,108!0^600,96!0^624,84!0^648,72!0^672,60!0^588,204!0^516,372!0^324,204!0^300,204!0^300,60!0^276,60!0^696,60!0^732,204!0^720,228!0^708,252!0^696,276!0^684,300!0^672,324!0^588,564!0^564,564!0^540,564!0^516,564!0^492,564!0^564,420!0^204,300!0^84,348!0^120,372!0^144,396!0^168,420!0^192,444!0^216,468!0^84,444!0^84,60!0^372,516!0^396,516!0^420,516!0^504,504!0^576,492!0^672,480#

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